Advantages of getting Bulk Felt Balls in better rate

Our Specialization in Felt Products

There are several felt product, including bulk felt balls, manufacturing companies in Nepal. Among them, our team, The Xenium Craft Pvt. Ltd. is one of the pioneer companies of felt products in Nepal. Our location expands at almost one ropani (more than 5000 square feet) area in tokha road area, nearby Grande Hospital, Kathmandu Nepal. Since 15 years, we have been manufacturing varieties of felt products such as bulk felt balls, felt bags, felt rugs, cat caves, felt shoes, felt purse and many more home decoration related items.

We have been shipping our products directly to several countries like Canada, United States of America, Germany, Australia, New-Zealand and several European countries. In addition to international market, even some renowned Nepalese companies rely on our company’s products because of our quality standards and unbelievable price ranges. Our products pass all of their robust quality tests almost every time.

We specialize in creating quality products. We make sure that every product shipped out of our company meet all international benchmark for quality in felt products. We import 100% pure wool from New Zealand and hand it over to our hard-working staffs, some of whom have experience over two decades. Besides, we do internal audits on every phases of production. Additionally, we incorporate eco-friendly methods so that our activities make negligible -if not promoting-  impact to the environment.

bulk felt balls
bulk felt balls

Besides having strong quality control mechanism, we offer unbelievable price ranges on the orders for wholesale quantities. Often clients are very surprised by knowing our prices, which we reveal during one-to-one communication only. Among several clients’ feedback over the past 3-4 years, the shipping of woolen bulk felt balls have been the most popular one.

Advantages of getting Bulk Felt Balls in a single shipping

We are extremely proud to present our high quality Dryer Felt Balls, which are one of the most demanded products among our clients. The eco-friendly Dryer Ball sets are produced using 100% Genuine wool from New Zealand. Natural and hand felted pure wool dryer balls are always kept free from harmful chemicals at our company. These products are time-efficient and money-efficient. It is not necessary to continuously spend on fabric softener liquid and sheets for these products. They reduce time to dry a typical load by at least 25%. These are felted by a team of hard-working women at The Xenium Crafts production area with love and gratitude to the nature. And the most important part, the price becomes quite lower when order is place for felt balls in bulk quantity.


Bulk Felt balls orders are often received from Europe from the companies’ categories like home décor, pet products, etc. The balls are very useful in making rugs, garland, necklace, curtain, trivet, flowers and several items for home decoration. Besides, high demand of felt balls in bulk, we have other products such as Felt Shoes, Felt Bags and Felt Cat House.


Order and Delivery

The felt balls in bulk (at wholesale) quantity are shipped from Nepal using the efficient delivery service. We normally take 15 days to deliver felt productsin any part of the world including Europe, Canada, Australia and USA. You can place your interest for order via the contact forms in our website or social media platforms, like Facebook. We’ll get back to you with the details within few hours depending upon our working hours. You will be surprised to know our happy price ranges as compared to other companies in Nepal.

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