Felted Ball Rugs – Top Features

felt ball rugs

Our team, The Xenium Crafts, Nepal is a manufacturer, wholesale and exporter of virtually all kinds of felt products. These days, felted ball rugs, particularly the ones that are hand felted, are quite popular in the countries like Canada, USA, UK, Australia and several European nations. These rugs are widely used in home and office decoration purposes. We offer myriad of choices of design and color in felt ball rugs that are manufactured in an eco-friendlier way. Felt ball rugs are made by using felt balls; hundreds of felted balls are stitched together using hands through strong double-twisted nylon threads that ensures high durability.

Features of felted ball rugs
• Hand-crafted rugs in an eco-friendlier way
• 100% genuine New Zealand wool is used.
• Highly durable due to its manufacturing process and raw materials
• Available in myriad of colors, gorgeous looking, looks are integrated candies and make home highly decorative

  • felt ball rugs
  • felt ball rugs
  • felt ball rugs
  • felt ball rugs
  • felt ball rugs

Felt Ball Rugs are one of the important assets when it comes to home decoration. A rug is that special piece of decoration in almost every home, which changes the ambience of entire space it has been placed on. In addition to decorative aspects, the felt ball rugs provide warmth, colorfulness, smooth texture, playful characterization and various cohesive anchors.

It adds warmth, character, color, texture and cohesively anchors the decorative elements of an area. Rugs can decrease the noise in your space, they are way more comfortable compared to the hardwood or tiled floors in most of our homes, and most importantly, they can truly define a space. With so many different materials, colors, and sizes to choose from, our colorful felt ball rugs definitely emerge as true heroes in any living space!

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