The Best Felted Cat Houses from Nepal

Felt cat houses

Need of Felted Cat Houses

If you’re a cat owner of your feline companion(s), then might consider replace the old spot for your cat by felted cat cave. If this is true, then you’ve arrived at the right place. We, The Xenium Craft Pvt. Ltd. is one of the pioneer companies of felt products in Nepal. Our location expands at almost one ropani (more than 5000 square feet) area in tokha road area, nearby Grande Hospital, Kathmandu Nepal. Since 15 years, we have been manufacturing varieties of felt products such as felt balls, felt bags, felt rugs, cat caves, felt shoes, felt purse and many more home decoration related items.

The felted cat houses come in a myriad of designs and color combinations. Whether your taste is modern and streamlined or classic and cosy, there’s a cat cave design to match your home and the preference of cute companion. Please take a look at the product pictures here or you can contact us for your customized product. We can deliver our products globally.

We have been shipping our products directly to several countries like Canada, United States of America, Germany, Australia, New-Zealand and several European countries. In addition to international market, even some renowned Nepalese companies rely on our company’s products because of our quality standards and unbelievable price ranges. Our products pass all of their robust quality tests almost every time.

All cat owners are well aware of the notorious nature of cats. Cats love their own private space and seek a good care and pampering. Cats prefer dark, enclosed spots for their rest and sleeping time. Any one of these cozy beds will give your kitty a sense of being safely hidden. In that case, no cats could resist their felted cat house. Comfortable, warm, safe and cozy. The beautiful designs offered our team can be as unique as your cat. So, please consider providing your cute cat with the gift of premium comfort with a 100% pure wool felted cat cave that is way softer, warmer and cozier than any other manufactured products. In addition, the products are roomier and easy to clean. This will definitely make your cat cheer up and the most important part, it will cheer up the owner as well.

Features of eco-friendly felt Cat Houses manufactured by The Xenium Crafts

  1. The cat caves are very easy to clean. Simple hand wash in lukewarm water, push the excess water out by pressing and adjust the shape while in wet state and leave out to dry naturally. This process will preserve the product as the time goes by.
  2. The felt cat houses are available in various shapes and sizes. Our team is more than happy to provide you with the products as per your customized specifications.
  3. The 100 percent pure wool from New Zealand is not only soft and flexible, it naturally helps pets to keep cleaner and smell better. The natural scent of the wool is highly attractive to home cats.
  4. All the products, including felted cat houses, at The Xenium Crafts are made from 100% organic materials.

Order and Delivery

The felt balls in bulk (at wholesale) quantity are shipped from Nepal using the efficient delivery service. We normally take 15 days to deliver felt purses in any part of the world including Europe, Australia and USA. You can place your interest for order via the contact forms in our website or social media platforms, like Facebook. We’ll get back to you with the details within few hours depending upon our working hours. You will be surprised to know our happy price ranges as compared to other companies in Nepal.

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