Top 10 benefits of Wool Felt Rugs

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At the point when conventional craftsmanship consolidates with new advancements to make a contemporary 100% woolen felt rugs, the advantages are bounty. The outcome is a wonderful, tough, commonsense item ensured to give you numerous long periods of joy. Here, we have accumulated a rundown of the many advantages of claiming a 100% wool rug.

1. Stylish APPEAL

The engaging quality of a wool felt rug is the absolute first thing you will see, with your floor covering in a split second adding a hint of warmth and extravagance to your home. There is simply something so engaging with regards to the appearance of a 100% wool rug contrasted and an engineered one.


The vibe of your 100% woolen rug is another advantage. Regardless of whether strolling, standing, sitting or lying on a wool rug, they give phenomenal solace, feeling very delicate and warm under you.

3. Health benefits of felt rugs

More subtle are the numerous medical advantages that woolen felt rugs give. Wool rug is a characteristic material, which is clean and non-allergenic.

It is an incredible decision for asthma victims or those with sensitivities or hypersensitivities, since wool rugs are amazing at separating air contaminations like dust, dust and parasitic spores, helping breath.

The sizes of rug’s strands trap fine residue and soil in their layers until you vacuum, restricting how much particulate drifting in the air.

The strands additionally discourage the development of microorganisms and residue vermin, and they don’t deliver unsafe gases, in contrast to numerous manufactured filaments.

felt ball rugs
Felted Ball Rugs


Did you realize felt rugs is a characteristic ‘shrewd’ fiber, assisting with adjusting the air in your home? This implies it assimilates dampness and deliveries it back high up when the air is dry.

Since rug filaments absorb the water fume in the air, they go about as a characteristic air humidifier for your home.


One more advantage of wool rug is its heap surface; a rug floor covering gives magnificent surface rubbing, which helps with keeping a decent hold and stance when you walk.

This is particularly useful for babies who are figuring out how to stroll, as it upholds their equilibrium and coordination.

The additional grasp likewise adds to mishap anticipation by assisting you with trying not to slip on an uncovered floor. On the off chance that you or your children truly do have a fall onto a wool rug, it will likewise assist with padding you from injury.


Wool rugs strands are normally fire safe without requiring the expansion of fire-retardant synthetic substances. Not at all like engineered mats, which can be incredibly risky, a wool felt rugs mat won’t soften assuming it comes into contact with heat.

Assuming rug interacts with fire, it is amazingly delayed to touch off, and even can self-stifle seething because of its upper heap, the thick protecting single layer that hinders fire.

This will give you extraordinary genuine serenity, especially when utilized in your youngsters’ rooms.

7. Sturdiness AND ENDURANCE

Your wool rug floor covering is an incredible speculation, as its extravagant look will keep going for quite a long time without giving indications of maturing.

The filaments have an inborn flexibility and can endure weighty people walking through, because of wool rug’s normal pleat, which empowers ‘bob back’.

Incredibly, felt rugs filaments can extend over 35% will in any case get back to their unique shape. This flexibility implies that your mat will rapidly recuperate from pounding, indents, heap pressure or following imprints brought about by feet or furniture.


Contrasted and engineered filaments, wool rug strands have a 30% higher pace of stain opposition, on account of the normal light lanolin covering on the outer layer of wool rug strands which keeps soil and stains from infiltrating profoundly.

This implies that most ruining stays on a superficial level and is not difficult to eliminate.


Likewise, water doesn’t effectively enter wool rug strands, giving a characteristic defensive boundary.

10. Wool felt rugs DYES ARE FADE RESISTANT

The cycles used to color wool rug guarantee the shadings are blur safe.

Except if continually presented to coordinate daylight, you can expect scarcely any blurring of your perfectly hued wool rug floor covering. more details on the product section of Felt Rugs by clicking here

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