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10 Most Popular Handmade Felt Products from Nepal

High quality felt products from Nepal The world’s most established fabric is none other than felt. This texture is more established than woven or weaved material beginning around 6500 BC is the date of the most earliest archeological proof of felt. Various societies have various legends on how felt appeared. For Western culture, it is […]

Top 10 benefits of Wool Felt Rugs

felt rugs

At the point when conventional craftsmanship consolidates with new advancements to make a contemporary 100% woolen felt rugs, the advantages are bounty. The outcome is a wonderful, tough, commonsense item ensured to give you numerous long periods of joy. Here, we have accumulated a rundown of the many advantages of claiming a 100% wool rug. […]

Felted Ball Rugs – Top Features

felt ball rugs

Our team, The Xenium Crafts, Nepal is a manufacturer, wholesale and exporter of virtually all kinds of felt products. These days, felted ball rugs, particularly the ones that are hand felted, are quite popular in the countries like Canada, USA, UK, Australia and several European nations. These rugs are widely used in home and office […]