10 Most Popular Handmade Felt Products from Nepal

High quality felt products from Nepal

The world’s most established fabric is none other than felt. This texture is more established than woven or weaved material beginning around 6500 BC is the date of the most earliest archeological proof of felt. Various societies have various legends on how felt appeared. For Western culture, it is accepted that felt appeared when Saint James or Saint Clement were accepted to have put normal filaments in their shoes to forestall rankles however the strands because of hotness, sweat, and tension transformed into felt. In this blog entry we will clarify what is felt, its uses, various kinds of felt and ultimately top 10 most famous carefully assembled felt items from Nepal.

Felt is a material decent that is made by condensing, matting, and pressing fibers together. It very well may be produced using regular materials, for example, creature hide or fleece or it tends to be made artificially from wood mash based rayon or petrol based acrylic or acrylonitrile. Felt has specific properties that make it accessible to be utilized for a wealth of purposes. Felt is fire resistant by itself. Felt is natural absorbent of sound, vibrations and large quantity of water.

Applications of Felt Products

Felt can be utilized in the assembling system of different businesses, from club to home development. In businesses, felt is utilized as a sound damper, non-woven texture for air filtration and is utilized by apparatus for padding and cushioning film parts. Felt can likewise be utilized as clothing as individuals utilized it to make caps and to line footwear. The music business additionally involves felt as a damper for different instruments like utilizing felt to make piano mallets. In expressions and artworks, felt is utilized for outlining compositions. Felt is laid between the slip mount and picture as a defensive layer to abstain from harming the artistic creation.

Various Types of Felt Products

There are different sorts of felt accessible. There are industrial felt and non-woven felt.

Industrial felt is broadly utilized in compound, apparatus, electromechanical and concrete, and material enterprises. It is utilized in furniture cleaning, vehicles, airplane, machine apparatuses, and other hardware for fixing, protection, dust avoidance, warm protection, sound protection.

The non-woven textures are made by non-woven techniques, for example, needling, dissolve blow, turned ribbon, and so forth, or dry or wet strategies. While modern squeezed fleece and non-woven textures are both non-woven textures, the contrast between them lies in the ongoing groupings. Those with high thickness and thickness are called modern squeezed fleece felts. Those with 2-5mm are called modern felt and those with 1mm thickness are called non-woven textures.

felt products
felt products

Top 10 Handmade Felt Products

10 Most Popular Handmade Felt Products from Nepal

How about we attempt to make a plunge a portion of the popular items that can be produced using felt.

1. Felt Ball Rugs

Felt ball carpets are mats produced using huge number of bundles of felt. Felt ball carpets are 100% produced using fleece and are firmly sewn together with the goal that the two sides of the floor coverings can be utilized. The items can be tweaked by the requirements and inclinations of the client.

2. Felt Balls

Rolled-up fleece looking like a ball is known as a felt ball. Felt balls are eco-accommodating and are bright, delicate, and smooth. Felt balls can be made by bringing wisps of fleece into a mass and afterward moving it to shape by your hands in the wake of dunking it in hot, foamy water. The balls can be transformed into stunning embellishments and can turn into somebody’s definitive accomplice to create. The felt balls can be redone as indicated by the necessities and inclinations of the client.

3. Felt Bags

Woolen felt packs are sought after because of their adaptable plan. The packs can be made by the client’s picked shading, size, and style. Felt sacks can be redone into felt shopping packs, felt bloom totes, felt satchels, felt sacks for youngsters and felt evening packs.

4 Felt Cat House

Felt Cat house gives protection, warmth, and solace to your pet. Pet houses produced using felt are ideally suited for the pets to unwind, play, rest, rest and rest in. Pet houses ought to be generally cleaned by vacuum cleaners. They ought to be hand-washed with a cleanser appropriate for fleece and be framed and passed on to dry in the wake of washing.

5. Felt Coaster

Felt napkins are awesome at engrossing dampness and are incredible at protecting against heat. These properties make them viable to secure any surface. Felt liners can be tweaked by the necessities and inclinations of the client.

6. Felt Scarf

Felt scarves are light, delicate, and lovely to contact. They ought to be tenderly hand washed utilizing fleece amicable cleanser, flushed, and moved in a towel to eliminate overabundance water. For drying, they ought to be laid level and reshaped if vital. Felted scarves ought not be placed in a dryer however steam pressing them is alright.

7. Felt Shoes

In view of their astounding capacity to control internal heat level, normally protect, and stay breathable, felted fleece shoes give extravagant solace throughout the year. In view of the lanolin in the fleece, the shoes are impervious to soil, dampness, and smells. Lanolin likewise advances mending and is delicate on touchy skin, and the contact of the fleece against the skin expands blood flow.

8. Felt Purse

Felt totes are durable and can keep your sack looking a decent. They are prudent and the colored shading won’t move to the sack liner. The felt handbags can be modified by the requirements and inclinations of the client.

9. Felt Dryer Balls

Felt dryer balls subs for cleanser or dryer sheets for keeping garments delicate and sans static. Dryer balls separate garments more viably than dryer sheets, permitting hot air to course more equally and productively, diminishing drying time. Dryer balls can diminish drying time by 10 to 25% on the grounds that the fleece in them is so permeable. At long last, over-drying can cause clothing harm just as an increment in electricity produced via friction. You can likewise utilize dryer balls at lower temperatures to assist with forestalling harm to your garments.

10. Felt Hats

Wool felt hats are comfortable to wear, economical, and can be worn when it is extremely cold. The slight disadvantage that wool felt hats have is that they are not very long-lasting. On the other hand, fur felt hats are designed to last longer and are created with a more designed shape, and overall provide a better sensation.

How to care Felt Products?

We suggest that you gently hand-wash the items made with felt. A model can be merino gloves which should be washed at a low temperature not surpassing 30°. If conceivable, you should wash them in a specific wool/hand wash cycle and store them in a dry spot.

Where to buy Felt Products?

You can purchase felt items from directly visiting The Xenium Crafts office at Kathmandu, Nepal. Or you can reach us via our contact page. The felt items that are from us are produced by experienced team of Nepalese women.

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